Midwest Rugby Football Union

Division III Championship Update 

The Midwest Competitive Region (CR) Division III Championship will be played on May 7, 2016, in Chicago. Eastern and Western Conference Championships will be hosted by the respective #1 conference seeds on April 30, 2016.

The Eastern Conference Championships will include the four league winners.  While the Western Conference Championships will include the three league winners and the highest seeded nonleague winner. Seeding will be based on average league points earned per match. First tie-breaker is points differential.

Listed below by conference are the current overall standings:

Eastern Conference

1.       Grand Rapids (5.0)

2.       Columbus Castaways (4.85)

3.       Erie (4.42)

4.       Fort Wayne (4.16)  

Western Conference

1.       Fox Valley (5.0) (PD: 478)

2.       Bremer (5.0) (PD: 367)  

3.       Barbarians D3 (4.28)

4.       Milwaukee Rugby (3.0)

Additional updates will be submitted during the spring season. Picture below is current Eastern Conference #1 Seed Grand Rapids.