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Amendments to the Rules of Competition are listed first, below, with links to the amendment documents:

Amendment #1 - 3/19/14 - Matches Rescheduled/Moved/Forfeited Due To Weather


Midwest Rugby Football Union Inc.
Rules and Policy for Senior Club Contests
These rules for Club Contests are the regulations drawn up by the Competitive Region Committee for the playing and controlling of the game of Rugby Union in accordance with the Bylaws of the Midwest Territory (MWRFU), and in conjunction with the rules of Rugby Union in the United States as determined by USA Rugby (USARFU).
The Rules and Policies shall apply to all Men's and Women's Senior Clubs, their Teams, Coaches, Players, and affiliated bodies involved in Rugby within the Midwest Conference.

  • Each Division will have a Commissioner, and each Conference will have a Coordinator.
  • The Competition Committee members are the Midwest Vice President of Competition, Division Commissioners, and Conference Coordinators.
  • The competitive league season will begin the last weekend in August, and end on the first weekend of following May.
  • The CR will be split into two geographical regions of East and West for Division2,3 and 4.  The new start date will be in August of 2013.
  • The senior competition will use a linear model based on the geographical regions to define divisional play, and for promotion and relegation.
  •  Division I Clubs will play in a single Conference system, with one League in each Conference.  The Teams in each Conference, and each League, will be determined by the Division Commissioner,with the approval of the Competitive Regions Competition Committee.  The season will entail home and away matches with final league standings determining the Champion (Women's Div 1 maybe strucutured differently due to constrainsts).  (In effect for the 2013-14 Season)
  • Division II will have an East and West Conference, and two to three Leagues within each Conference.  The Teams in each Conference, and each League, will be determined by the Division Commissioner, and the Conference Coordinators, with the approval of the Vice President of Competition.
  • Division III has two Conferences and may have three to four Leagues within each Conference, which is determined by each Conference Coordinator, with the approval of their respective Division Commissioner and the Vice President of Competition.
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A. When reading 'Competition Committee,' authority is referred to the Midwest Vice President of Competition, acting on behalf of the Midwest Territory in the best interests of Rugby in Competitive Region.
B. No Club Team shall play any Midwest Conference League match without the prior consent of the Competition Committee, and any Midwest League match played is subject to any conditions imposed by the Competition Committee.
C. All Clubs shall have approved registered colors and uniform for all Teams within the Club.
D. All Teams shall play in their registered colors and uniform with correctly numbered jerseys (if required) except: 

  • Where there is a similarity in colors that a potential for confusion/mistakes exists:     
  • The designated home Team shall provide themselves with alternative colors.


A. All Midwest League matches are under the control of the Competition Committee, and all Team entries require approval by the Competition Committee.
B. The Competition Committee shall define/amend Divisions, Conferences, and/or Leagues, as it considers necessary from time to time:

  • Clubs shall be allowed to enter Teams in Multi Divisions which leads to a National Championship, with the consent of the Competitions Committee if it is in the best interest of Rugby Union in the Competitive Region.
  • Promotion and relegation will be used to define Division play.  Teams that turn down promotion will be declared ineligible for any Midwest playoff for a period of one year. (Currently suspended and not applicable to the Women's League)

C. Division Commissioners and Conference Coordinators will complete a schedule of their respective Leagues for approval by the Vice President of Competition.
D. Details of schedules to be advised to Clubs a minimum of two months prior to the commencement of each competition.
E. Fixtures may be arranged on the principal of reciprocal home matches, but the Competition Committee shall always have regard for the best interests of the competition when allocating fixtures/venues.
F. In each League, each Team will play every other Team in that League at least once in each round.
G. The Competition Committee shall set the value of competition points each season prior to the commencement of competition. 

  • Current competition points are set as follows:

i)  Win: 4 Points

ii)  Draw: 2 Points

iii)  Loss by fewer than seven (7) points: 1 Point

iv)  Loss by more than seven (7) points: 0 Points

v)   Four (4) or more tries scored in a match:  1 Point

H. The Team scoring the most competition points shall be the winner of the League/Competition (whichever is appropriate).
I. In the event of a tie there will be a playoff if feasible.
J. If not feasible, the Team that won their previous match (against each other) will be declared the winner.
K. If that is not decisive, the Team with the best aggregate of scores for and against shall be deemed the winner.
L. If still indecisive the team that has scored the most tries will be declared the winner or in the event of unforeseen circumstances, the Competition Committee may declare joint winners or make a decision it deems equitable.
M. Any competition may be terminated at the discretion of the Competition Committee.


A. All matches shall commence at the time appointed by the Competition Committee.In the event of a club playing multiple divisional games, the lower divisional game must be played first.  Any variation to match times, and/or dates is subject to the approval of the opposition Club, the appointed Referee, and the Division Coordinator.
B. Any Team unable to keep its engagement (defaulting) in any match must give notice to:

  • The VP of Competition
  • Their Division Commissioner
  • Their Conference Coordinator 
  • The Referees Appointments Officer
  • The opposition Club and/or Match Secretary on/by the Wednesday prior to the match.
    The maximum competition points (5) shall be awarded to the opposition Team, and the match will be listed as a win of 28 points to zero. 

C. The default shall be noted so that if the defaulting Team were the away Team, they will still be required to travel when they are next due to play the other Team involved.
D. Any Club, which has a Team that defaults in Division I, II or III, may be fined an amount set by the Competition Committee to pay to the opposing Club as a reimbursement for expenses incurred, and/or potential revenue forfeited.

E. The minimum number of players a Team may field without default is twelve (12).  However, Teams turning up to play a match with insufficient players yet willing to play will not be subject to the fine of noted above.

F. At every Division I, II, and III match, the home Team shall provide two (2) match balls for the match.  

G. Any team that forfeits a game during the league season is not allowed to advance to playoffs, with the right to appeal on demonstrable extenuating circumstances.


A. At the beginning of each match, a match card is to be provided to the Referee by the Club Coach, or Captain, or Club Administrator of each Team containing the names and CIPP numbers of each player and reserve.  In league play only, each player maybe requested to show a photo ID to a representative of the opposition Team.  Any issues are to be reported to the Referee to be added to his report.  Issues that may arise are to be reported to the Conference Coordinator immediately.


B. The Match Roster must be filled out by each club prior to the match being played. A copy of the Match Roster will be printed and supplied to the opposition prior to Kick Off to use for possible ID Check Purposes. Once ID Check has been completed, the match rosters will be supplied to referee to verify personnel. 
C. In the event of any player being ordered off, or a match called off by a Referee, the Referee must report the matter to the respective Division Commissioner, and/or Conference Coordinator as soon as possible. This should be done utilizing the same competition module and can be reported directly on the Midwest Website.

  • The Referee may be required to file a report with the Discipline Committee hearing resulting from the action taken (noted above). 

D. The Midwest Rugby Referees Association, as an affiliated member of the MWRFU, will make the appointment of Referees for Midwest Senior Division I league games, and for Senior Division I, II, and III Championship matches.

E.  A representative from each club will report all scores and scorers on the competition module within 24 hours of the match.

F. The Referee will act as a 3rd party verification of final scores on the Competition Module. Should the referee find a discrepancy it should be reported immediately to the League Coordinator/Commissioner. The Coordinator/Commissioner will update competition module if necessary.


A. All players must be CIPP registered prior to playing.
B. Any Club, which has a Team, playing an unregistered player, will be considered to have forfeited the match, and a win will be credited to the other Team, along with maximum number of competition points (5), and a score of 28 to zero, which could have been secured from the match. 

  • If both Teams played unregistered players, each Team will be debited with a loss and have the maximum competition points (5) deducted from their competition points tally. 
  • No right of appeal to that ruling will be allowed. 

C. Clubs/Teams, which play unregistered players, may also be fined by the Midwest GU (the fine to be determined by the Competition Committee).
D. ALL players must complete the USARFU CIPP Registration each year, which is compulsory, and provides Insurance Cover for liability while playing Rugby.
E. Any player, and Club, who have not completed the USARFU CIPP Registration, along with the Club Registration, will not be allowed to play until this is completed.


A. Both teams may check ID of all players listed on match roster, prior to Kick Off per II “B” A.

B. Referee must verify that ID Check took place if requested.

C. Referee will refuse to start the match until the referee has physically witnessed the ID Check taking place if requested.

D. Any teams that refuse to abide by ID check will:

i) Forfeit league points

ii) Not be allowed to play match

iii) Still be liable for referee’s expenses.


A. The transfer of players is governed by the rules of USA Rugby.


Please refer to the USA Rugby Eligibility Regulations at http://www.usarugby.org/#goto/Regulations.

Regulations listed below have been suspended until further notice.


These regulations are meant to control the movement of players on  upper sides to lower sides and are not intended to limit the movement  of lower Side players to upper Sides, which movement is allowed at  any time:

A. To participate in a USA Rugby Championship Event, a player who has played in any higher division Qualifying Match must have played at least two (2) Qualifying Matches at the divisional level (or a lower divisional level) entered in the USA Rugby Championship Event.

B. A player may not move down sides to compete in more than one USA Rugby Championship Event once the player has played in a higher division at a USA Rugby Championship Event or has played in the Elite Cup Playoffs.

C. A player is only permitted to play for one divisional side per weekend.

D. TUs and LAUs may create additional eligibility restrictions to govern their local competitions or structure their competitions to help prevent higher divisional players from competing at lower divisions.

E. Any Player who has participated in 3 games in the higher division is no longer eligible to play the lower division


A. Refer to Midwest Judiciary Procedures 


A. Refer to Midwest Appeals Procedures and Guidelines


A. In the event of a draw at fulltime, or tied points in the round robin playoff/semifinal system:

  • The match finishes at the end of the Referee's time:

i)  Two ten (10) minute periods of extra time is to be played.

ii)  If the match remains tied a 'Sudden Death,' consisting of two five-minute periods, each way, shall be played. 

iii)  If the match remains tied a 'Sudden Death Kickoff' will commence from the 22 meter line.  Kicks will move backwards in five meter increments until a winner is determined.