Midwest Rugby Football Union


The Midwest Division III Western Conference finals will be held May 9 -10, 2015, in Green Bay*. The respective #1 and #2 seeds from CARFU and the Iowa/Minnesota leagues will play a cross over on May 9th and the winners will play each other on May 10th.  The conference champion will advance to the Midwest Division III Championship, which will be held on May 16, at 1:30 p.m., at the Blaze field in Lemont, Illinois, and play the Eastern Conference Champion. The Eastern Conference has a remaining week of league competition, which will decide the final seeds.


Summarized below is an overview of the seeds and match schedules.

CARFU/WISC Standings

·         Green Bay - 8-0 40pts

·         Milwaukee - 7-1 32 pts (By virtue of beating Fox Valley in CARFU crossover final four)

Iowa/Minn Standings

·         Bremer County - 12-0 59pts

·         Iowa City Ducks - 10-2 48pts

*Green Bay hosts as they average 5 pts/match in league.  Bremer was 4.91.


·         Green Bay v. Iowa City Ducks

·         Bremer County v. Milwaukee Barbos


winner v. winner