Midwest Rugby Football Union

Midwest Women’s Qualifier 7s Series Update (7/15/15)  

By Brittany Biedenbender


The 2015 Women’s Qualifier 7s Series kicked off at Lakefront 7s in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We had the return of the Youngbloodz, Chicago Lions, W1823, and Cincinnati Wolfhounds, with the addition of the Grand Rapids Gazelles and Cincinnati’s 2nd side, Cincinnati – White.


In pool play, the Lions and the Youngbloodz claimed the top spot in their pools, each earning a bye. In the playoff round, W1823 faced off against the Wolfhounds and the Gazelles took on Cincinnati – White. Both Gazelles and


Wolfhounds advanced to the semis. The Lions met the Gazelles for the 2nd time and the Wolfhounds took on the Youngbloodz. Much like pool play, the Lions and the Youngbloodz came out on top and advanced to the finals.


It looked like the Youngbloodz were going to run away with an easy victory, putting up 4 tries going into halftime. However, with a strong effort by the Lions in the second half, they nearly made a comeback with 4 tries of their own. However, the Youngbloodz were able to put another great try on the board, causing the Lions to fall just short by the time the final whistle blew. Youngbloodz took the Cup with a final score of 31-24.


Lakefront 7s Results:

#1 – Youngbloodz

#2 – Chicago Lions

#3 – Cincinatti Wolfhounds

#4 – Grand Rapids Gazelles

#5 – W1823

#6 – Cincinatti – White


Cin City 7s caused an interesting shift in the rankings for the women’s series. In pool play, the Lions and W1823 won their pools, each earning a bye.  In the playoff round, the Younbloodz took on Cincinnati – White and the Wolfhounds took on the Gazelles. Both games were well fought by all teams, but the Youngbloodz and Wolfhounds would come out on top.


In the semi-finals, the Lions would once again, meet the Youngbloodz. This time, the Lions were able to shutout the Youngbloodz to advance. The Wolfhounds proved to be a force to be reckoned with vs. W1823 and earned their way to the finals.


In the final, the Wolfhounds were on the board within 15 seconds with a long try off the first kick-off. The Lions seemed to have trouble getting into rhythm for the first few minutes of the game, but once they put their first try on the board, there was no turning back. The Lions would hold the Wolfhounds scoreless the remainder of the game and put up two more tries to become tournament champs.


Cin City 7s Results:

#1 – Chicago Lions

#2 – Cincinatti Wolfhounds

#3 – Youngbloodz

#4 -  W1823

#5 – Grand Rapids Gazelles

#6 – Cincinnati – White



Unofficial Standings to Date:

Chicago Lions – 23 points

Youngbloodz – 22 points

Wolfhounds – 21 points

Grand Rapids Gazelles – 17 points

W1823 – 17 points

Cincinatti – White – 14 points