Midwest Rugby Football Union

The Midwest has selected 3 locations to host the Midwest 7s qualifier series and would also like to outline all Midwest 7s events.

This year's qualifier series has been narrowed down to three locations with a couple updates to the format.

6/17 - Madtown 7s, Madison, WI

7/8 - Rock n Roll 7s, Cleveland, OH

7/15 - Legacy 7s, Brighton, MI

The Midwest Championship Sevens event will be held 7/29 in Cincinnati, OH

Notable updates that are outlined in the 2017 Handbook are as follows:

  1. Three (3) Men’s and Women’s Qualifier Tournaments to be held in same location on same day as each other- they may, or may not, be held in conjunction with another “social” tournament.
  2. Qualifiers are used to determine seeds for one Championship Tournament at end of the Series.
  3. No minimum requirement for attendance at Qualifier Events
  4. “Golden Ticket” for any Club which wins all three Qualifiers- automatic number one seed for Nationals
  5. Tie-breaker process clarified (after last year’s debacle)

Please be sure to read the 2017 Handbook.

Below are all Midwest 7s events, including the 3 designated qualifier tournaments and the stand alone Midwest Championship.

If your club has a 7s event in the Midwest that you would like included, please reach out to Dawn at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.